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Matrixrekenen (IPC017), lectures, 3rd quarter, Spring 2017

This page contains specific information about the 2017 course and lectures (for general information, see IC studiegids). Please don't forget to register in blackboard for this course, in order to receive email announcements. However, all relevant course information will be provided here (and not in blackboard).


All students should register for a werkcollege group by Tuesday 31/1 at noon. Do this on Blackboard.

For exercises, see the: exercise page.

Prerequisites consist of (secondary) school mathematics. It is your own responsability to be properly prepared. You can find an overview of the relevant topics in, for example:

Course material consists of:

Lectures will be given by Aleks Kissinger in English. All course materials will be in English, with the exception of those mentioned above.

Werkcollege's take place every Friday, from February 3 until March 24. Since there is no lecture that week, there will be no werkcollege on March 3.

Unless otherwise stated, work should be handed on every Monday by 12pm sharp to the box of your teacher on the ground floor of Mercator 1. Exercises will generally be marked and returned to you at the werkcollege on Friday. The werkcollege's are:

Lectures and slides (topics subject to change)

  1. Lecture 1, Monday 30/1
    • Topic: introduction to linear equations, solving systems of linear equations, matrix and augmented matrix, Gauss-Jordan-elimination
    • Slides: pdf
  2. Lecture 2, Monday 6/2
    • Topic: solutions of a set of (non)homogeneous equations, pivot, (in)consistency, vectors, (in)dependence of vectors
    • Slides: pdf
  3. Lecture 3, Monday 13/2
    • Topic: vector spaces, basis and dimension, linear maps and matrices, matrix operations: addition, scalar multiplication, transpose, matrix-vector multiplication.
    • Slides: pdf
  4. Lecture 4, Monday 20/2
    • Topic: bases, representing vectors and linear maps as matrices, matrix multiplication
    • Slides: pdf
  5. Lecture 5, Monday 6/3
    • Topic: Inverses, determinant, transformation of bases.
    • Slides: pdf
  6. Lecture 6, Monday 13/3
    • Topic: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, iterated matrix multiplication, equilibrium division of a Markov process.
    • Slides: pdf
  7. Lecture 7, Monday 20/3
    • Topic: Length of a vector, inner product, angle and distance between vectors, orthogonality and orthonormal bases, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalisation.
    • Slides: pdf


Your final grade for this course will be composed from your assignment grade A and the (written) exam grade E:

If you fail, you can do a retry of the written exam later on. If you fail once again, you will have to redo the whole course (including exercises) next year.

All students who have already done the exam for this course twice, unsuccesfully, will be required to do the following before they obtain the right to do the exam again: