Combinatorics / Combinatoriek / IBC016


All official information about this course can be found in the prospectus (in Dutch). This page provides some additional information about some practical things related to the course.


Engelbert   Henning   Lars   Camil

Engelbert Hubbers

Office M1.03.11A
(024) 365 27 13


Henning Basold
Exercise hours

Office M1.02.11


Lars Bade
Exercise hours

Student assistant


Camil Staps
Exercise hours

Student assistant


This course has two hours of general lectures on Tuesday. Attendance is not obligatory, but if you are there you are expected to be actively involved in the lecture. The lectures are not recorded this year.

Exercise hours

This course has two exercise hours on Thursday. These hours are organized as follows.


This course has weekly assignments.


Just for your convenience we provide a short user guide for scanning your homework on the KonicaMinolta multi functionals.


As stated above, you can earn a small bonus by presenting solutions at the first hour of the exercise hours and by handing in the assignments. These are the rules:

Computer assignment

In order to be allowed to do the final exam you will have to pass the computer assignment. In this assignment you show in a team of three persons that you are able to apply the theory of this course. You will not get a grade for this assignment, but simply a pass or fail. In Blackboard you can find last year's assignment so you can see what is expected more or less. The results of the assignments need to be presented in the last week of this course. Attendance at these presentations is mandatory.



This course uses a book as its main resource: We use the so-called Global edition, Seventh Edition, ISBN 978-0-07-131501-2. The book (paper or e-book) can be bought via, but you can also buy it via Thalia. Within this course we only use three chapters of the book, but the book is also being used in the first year course Mathematical Structures, so maybe you can borrow it from one of the first year students.

Lecture notes

The slides being used at the lectures will become available afterwards in Blackboard.


There are two separate schedules that you should keep track of for this course: