Design of Embedded Systems (DES)

Info Autumn 2019

See also the Robot Lab site, the Xenomai exercises, and the Lego Ev3 simulator.

General aim of this course is to acquire basic knowledge about the systematic design of embedded systems and to obtain practical experience with model-based development of such systems. Relevant topics are, for instance, timing, real-time operating systems (and experience with Real-Time Linux), scheduling, interface of software with sensors and actuators, and model-based development of a small distributed real-time application using a Domain Specific Language.

Teacher: Jozef Hooman, Mercator 1, room 1.16 (Wednesday)
Assistant: Harco Kuppens, Mercator 1, room 0.09

Course and instruction on Wednesday

General outline: The course will consist of two main parts (in both parts, students work in groups of two):
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi
with breadboard
LED clock
LED wand clock controlled
by Xenomai program

Small Lego EV3 Rover
Mars rover
Lego EV3 Mars Rover
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