Software Measurement

Software is the DNA of our modern information society [1]. To master this DNA, we need to be able to measure it. Here are some research topics:

  • Measurement models: building measurement models for a wide range of software aspects. See below.
  • Metrics: defining new metrics, for instance for XML schema structure [2], test coverage [3], architecture components [4,5], issue resolution [6,7].
  • Calibration and validation: Using empirical data to set metric thresholds [8,9] and determine predictive value [6,7].
  • Application: use software measurement for decision support [10], project management [11], portfolio management [12], certification [13].
  • Best practices and pitfalls: practical guidance for how to use software measurement effectively [14,15,16].

Measurement models

  • Aspects of software product quality as defined by the ISO 25010 standard for software quality, including maintainability [17] and security [18].
  • Unit test quality [19].
  • UML diagram quality [20].
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Architecture: componentisation [4,5], degree of service-orientation [21].
  • Software teamwork [22]
  • Project risk
  • Technical debt and interest [23,24]


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