Open projects

Are you a student looking for a research project? If any of the following topics interest you, please contact me to discuss a possible MSc thesis project:

  • Your personal software quality timeline: build and field test an app that provides software engineers with a targeted, personalised event stream about the product they are working on and the team they are part of. Co-supervised by Georgios Gousios.
  • Notification legos against information overload: design an API that allows to build a high-level trickle of meaningful alerts out of a torrent of low-level signal streams, and show how it scales. Co-supervised by Georgios Gousios.
  • Real-time technology trends: summarise the activities of software developers across the globe into real-time technology trend lines by monitoring and aggregating the activities in code repositories, developer forums, job advertisements and more. Co-supervised by Georgios Gousios.
  • Full-stack technology risk profiling: determine the risk profile of a set of applications, based on the adoption trends of the platforms, frameworks, and programming languages in their technology stack.
  • Cyber security in Europe: combine multiple sources of data into an overview of IT security for policy makers and decision makers.
  • Managing value at risk: develop a monitoring model for (agile) software development that tracks the probability that high-value features will actually be delivered and will actually start creating value