TFPIE 2012

The International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in Education


In co-location with TFP 2012 - St.Andrews, Scotland
June 11 2012


Welcome to the home site of TFPIE 2012.

The first International Workshop on Trends in Functional Programming in Education, TFPIE 2012, is co-located with TFP 2012 at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The goal of TFPIE is to gather researchers, professors, teachers, and all professionals that use or are interested in the use of functional programming in education. TFPIE aims to be a venue where novel ideas, classroom-tested ideas, and work in progress on the use of functional programming in education are discussed. The one-day workshop will foster a spirit of open discussion by having a review process for publication after the workshop.

The program chairs of TFPIE 2012 will screen submissions to ensure that all presentations are within scope and are of interest to participants. Potential presenters are invited to submit an extended abstract (4-6 pages) or an article (up to 16 pages) in EPTCS style. The authors of all accepted presentations will have their preprints and their slides made available on the workshop's website/wiki. Any visitors to the TFPIE 2012 website/wiki will be able to add comments. This includes presenters who may respond to comments and questions as well as provide pointers to improvements and follow-up work. After the workshop, the PC will review the articles accepted for presentation to select the best for publication in the Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science journal (EPTCS). Articles rejected for presentation and all extended abstracts will not be formally reviewed by the PC.

TFPIE 2012 welcomes submissions describing practical techniques used in the classroom, tools used in and/or developed, and any creative use of functional programming (FP) to aid education in or outside Computer Science. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • FP and beginning CS students
  • FP in Articial Intelligence
  • FP in Robotics
  • FP and Music
  • Advanced FP for undergraduates
  • FP in graduate education
  • Engaging students in research using FP
  • FP in Programming Languages
  • FP in the high school curriculum
  • FP as a stepping stone to other CS topics
  • FP and Philosophy
  • ...

If you are not sure if your work is appropriate for TFPIE 2012, please contact the PC chairs by e-mail at:


TFPIE'12 is organized by Marco T. Morazán (Seton Hall University, USA) and Peter Achten (Radboud University Nijmegen, NL). The programme committee is:

Peter Achten (co-chair) Radboud University Nijmegen Michel Mauny ENSTA ParisTech
Jost Berthold University of Copenhagen James McKinna UK
Marc Feeley University of Montréal Marco T. Morazán (co-chair) Seton Hall University
Ralf Hinze University of Oxford Rinus Plasmeijer Radboud University Nijmegen
Shriram Krishnamurthi Brown University Simon Thompson University of Kent


The University of St Andrews is Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world, founded in 1413. Over six centuries it has established a reputation as one of Europe's leading and most distinctive centers for teaching and research. St Andrews is situated on the east coast of Fife, Scotland, UK. The town is approximately 50 miles north-east of Edinburgh, 14 miles south-east of Dundee, 78 miles south of Aberdeen, and 82 miles east of Glasgow making it easily accessible by any means of transportation. Help on traveling to St Andrews can be found at: . General travel information within Scotland (including a travel planner) can be found at More travel information can be found at:, including links to taxi companies.

A map of the North Haugh Campus and location of bus stops is here. The TFPIE (and TFP) venue is the Jack Cole Building (not shown on all maps), KY16 9SX. New Hall is KY16 9XW.

Important dates

May 20 submission of abstract or article
May 25 notification of acceptance
June 11 TFPIE
July 6 submission of formal paper
September 10 notification of acceptance
October 1 camera-ready paper

Submissions procedure

The submissions procedure is as follows:

  1. Potential presenters are invited to submit an extended abstract (4-6 pages) or an article (up to 16 pages) in EPTCS style (deadline may 20). Please use the latest version of their LaTeX files. Submit your contribution to TFPIE - EasyChair.
  2. You receive a notification of acceptance (deadline may 25). For dissemination purposes you prepare to have your preprint and presentation slides made publicly available on the TFPIE - wiki (instruction details follow).
  3. Formal papers use the same EPTCS style files and are also submitted via TFPIE - EasyChair (instruction details follow).
  4. You receive a notification of acceptance (deadline september 10). Accepted contributions prepare a camera-ready article that is to be submitted via the EPTCS system (instruction details follow).


Registration to TFPIE can be done via the TFP registration site. Please follow the instructions.

Registered participants

We welcome the following participants to TFPIE (in alphabetic order of surname):

Peter Achten John O'Donnell John Hughes Rex Page Baltasar Trancón y Widemann
Siddarth Agrawal Marko van Eekelen Vladimir Janjic Nikolaos Papaspyrou Yannis Tsiouris
Gobi Atilla Devai Gergely Vladimir Komendantsky Tomas Petricek Dave Turner
Edwin Brady Amir Ghaffar Pieter Koopman Rinus Plasmeijer Victória Zsók
Christopher Brown Jurriaan Hage Tamas Kozsik Prabhakar Ragde  
James Caldwell Cordella Hall Petr Kourzanov Mary Sheeran  
Mozhgan Kabiri Chimeh Kevin Hammond Dimitur Krastev Jeremy Singer  
David Christiansen Philip Hölzenspies Greg Michaelson Sjaak Smetsers  
László Domoszlai Zoltán Horváth Marco T. Morazán Josef Svenningsson  


New: for your convenience, a single page program is available here.

time topic authors chair
9:00 registration + welcome
9:30 How Computers Work: Computational Thinking for Everyone Rex Page / Ruben Gamboa Simon Thompson
9:50 Mathematics Is Imprecise Prabhakar Ragde  
10:10 break
10:30 Step-by-step tutorial of good abstraction design Philip Hölzenspies Jurriaan Hage
10:50 Teaching generic programming Pieter Koopman / Rinus Plasmeijer  
11:10 coffee break
11:30 Forty hours of declarative programming -- Teaching Prolog at the Junior College Utrecht Jurriën Stutterheim / Wouter Swierstra / Doaitse Swierstra Rex Page
11:50 COMP 2650 Experience: Teaching Functional Programming to Non-Majors Ashoke Deb  
12:10 break
12:30 CS4204: Concurrency and Multicore Architectures Kevin Hammond John O'Donnell
Teaching Parallel Functional Programming at Chalmers
John Hughes / Mary Sheeran  
13:10 lunch
14:10 Holmes for Haskell Jurriaan Hage / Brian Vermeer Rinus Plasmeijer
14:30 Intensive Programmes in Functional Programming Viktória Zsók / Zoltán Horváth  
14:50 break
15:10 The Recursion Schemes of Scientific Models -- A Multi-Paradigm Study of the Logistic Map in Haskell Baltasar Trancón y Widemann John Hughes
15:30 Connecting the Dots: Computer Systems Education using a Functional Hardware Description Language John O'Donnell  
15:50 coffee break
16:10 Tactile Terms Philip Hölzenspies Zoltán Horváth
16:30 Teaching Functional Programming to Professional .NET Developers Tomas Petricek  
16:50 break
17:10 discussion forum Simon Thompson  
17:50 closure
18:00 full stop

Discussion forum

We'd like to end TFPIE with a discussion that allows all participants to get involved. This will be open-ended, but among the things we'd like to talk about are these, so you might like to think about these - as well as bringing your own questions and discussion topics. For discussion …

The discussion will be lead by Simon Thompson.

TFPIE wiki

A wiki has been set up for TFPIE. In it, you can find the draft papers of the workshop, as well as other material that the authors and participants have made available.

Dinner after workshop

Kevin Hammond has reserved tables for dinner after the TFPIE workshop at the Thai / Japanese restaurant Nahm-Jim from 18:30h - 20:00h. He would like to have an estimate number of people who like to attend. Please note that you need to pay dinner for yourself. The estimate cost is about £25 per person plus drinks. Vegetarians are welcome.

Please reply to the tfpie mail adress if you like to attend. Note that on the event we will poll again to get exact numbers.

Meet before TFPIE

If you like you can join and have drinks on sunday june 10 before the workshop. We plan to meet in "The Central" Bar at about 20:00h. This bar is located on 77 Market Street. Besides drinks, it also serves dinner.

last update: June 9 2012