AFFECT.NL: Automated Finding, Fixing or Exploiting of seCuriTy vulnerabilities

Organised by INTERSCT. WP2 ∩ WP4

June 14, 2023 at Radboud University

This workshop is aimed at researchers and practioners from the Netherlands working on fuzzing or other automated - dynamic or static - techniques to find, fix or exploit security vulnerabilities in code. As the goal is to create some collaboration and synergy, there will plenty of time for discussion and informal chats over coffee, lunch and drinks. Here we also want to discuss plans for from an ACCSS Working Group on Software Security.

Presentations can

There will also be the opportunity for people to give short pitches to signal interests, problems, ideas or case studies to collaborate on.

This workshop is organised as part of the INTERSCT project, where it is of interest for research into quality assurance in WP2 and the study of attacks in WP4. Some of the researchers involved also participate in the AVR (Automated Vulnerability Research) project of dcypher.


Registrations are closed.


Mercator 1 building, Toernooiveld 212, Nijmegen.