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Requirements Engineering*
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Informatiekunde - Bachelor (2003) Proces van verandering en bestendiging (6 ec)
Informatiekunde na het HBO (2003) Schakelvakken (6 ec)
6 ec (168 uur) : 30 uur plenair college, 20 uur groepsgewijs college, 0 uur computerpracticum, 0 uur 'droog' practicum, 6 uur gesprekken met de docent, 30 uur onderling overleg met medestudenten (werkgroepen, projectwerk e.d.), 82 uur zelfstudie
6 ec * 28 u/ec + #std * (1 + 6ec * 0.35 u/student/ec)
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dr. Stijn Hoppenbrouwers

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An introduction to the art and science of "Requirements Engineering" (RE): the gathering and careful specification of the demands and expectations that commissioners and users have with respect to a future information system.

We study and practise a Use-Case-based approach to requirements gathering ans specification, and integrate in this approach some additional techniques like Domain Modelling and logical specification of rules. We also pay special attention to "Goal-driven RE". In addition, we explore some selected current scientific issues concerning RE and system development.


After the course participants can:

-Distinguish requirements specifications from technical design specifications, while also explaining relationships between the two
-Evaluate the quality of requirements specifications and the process in which they came about

-Collect and specify clear and well-formulated requirements, given the availability of sufficient information from stakeholders, documents etc. -Explain the role played by various requirements deliverables with respect to other documentation concerning arganizations and development processes
-Explain how processes and activities for RE can be positioned in system development processes and activities in general
-Intergate techniques from domain modelling and business process modelling in an ER process
-Reflect on the field of RE from a generic systems development perspective


aaWhat are requirements (functional and non-functional)
Gathering requirements
Specification (precise description) of requirements
Phasing and planning in RE
Use Cases
Business rules
Domain models
Stakeholder Analysis
Goal-oriented RE
Requirements engineering in systems development theory
Requirements and language
RE practice


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Propedeuse Informatiekunde


Partricipants have to take part in an RE project as well ass sit a written exam. The project results in both a report and a presentation.




Participants need to purchase the book "Use Cases - requirements in context" (Kulak en Guiney, 2003; 2nd edition; Addison-Wesley; ISBN 0-321-15498-3). Other material will be made available through the course website.

Evaluatie: studentenquêtes ; geen docentevaluatie bekend Rendement: 40 begonnen, echt meegedaan, geslaagd met 1e kans, geslaagd totaal