I00136 (I00136)
Security seminar*
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dr. JaapHenk Hoepman
100u. tentatief

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Privacy has always been a controversial topic. Governments and business want to collect information about their citizens and customers - for their own benefit as well their clients. In surveys, people claim that they value their privacy. In practice, people give away personal information very easily, either because they do not receive a service otherwise, or because they are unable to protect that information reliably. With the calls for ever increasing security - after the events of the last few years - privacy has eroded even further, it seems.

In this seminar we will explore the state of the art in privacy enhancing technologies (PET), and discuss theories (technical, legal and societal) of privacy.


Student knows the state of the art in privacy enhancing technologies, and is aware of their limitations when applied in practice.

Student can efficiently give a lecture on a selected topic, and can write a readable and technically sound paper on another selected topic.


aPrivacy, anonymity, mixnets, voting, legal and societal theories of privacy.


To succesfully complete this course the student has to present a topic of his choice in class, write a final paper on another topic of his choice, and review a final paper of one other student.




Writing a final paper.

Evaluatie: studentenquêtes ; geen docentevaluatie bekend Rendement: begonnen, echt meegedaan, geslaagd met 1e kans, geslaagd totaal