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R&D: System Development Management 1*
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Informatiekunde - Master (2004) beroepsprofilering (6 ec)
6 ec (168 uur) : 28 uur plenair college, 2 uur groepsgewijs college, 0 uur computerpracticum, 0 uur 'droog' practicum, 2 uur gesprekken met de docent, 50 uur onderling overleg met medestudenten (werkgroepen, projectwerk e.d.), 86 uur zelfstudie
6 ec * 14 u/ec + #std * (1 + 6ec * 0.15 u/student/ec)
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SDM1 resembles the phase in an IT career in which the project leader takes responsibility for the management of a software development project. Within SDM1 we address the project management aspects of the whole life cycle of a system development project, from definition study through system design, system development and system implementation all the way to the maintenance of a system in an operational environment.

The course consists of a theoretical and a (large) practical component. The practical component is being carried out within "GiP-House", managing students from the "Software Engineering course. GiP-House closely resembles a real-life modern softwarehouse.


SDM1 has the aim that the student, at the end of the course, has all the professional skills of an IT project leader.


See the www site.


There will be 8 presentations of 2 hours each.

For the practical component of SDM1 the student wil be part of the management teams of the projects in GIP-House, performing roles as: Project manager, Quality manager, Contract Owner, Public Relations Manager, Director. These roles can be adjusted depending on the specific situation of a given semester (e.g. number of students). All students work, within the management structure of GiP-House, under the supervision of the director, with the aim to create an effective and efficient software house management structure. The managers use, if necessary, (internal or external) experts.

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Bachelor Computer Science


  • Serious participation in the practical part is required. If this is jugded insufficient the student has failed the course, and is not allowed to take part in the written examination
  • a 2 hour written examination, this determines the final grade. No literature way be consulted during the examination.


Software Engineering  A practitioners Approach: European Adaptation, sixth edition , Roger S. Pressman
Sheets of the presentations

Evaluatie: studentenquêtes ; geen docentevaluatie bekend Rendement: 40 begonnen, echt meegedaan, 36 geslaagd met 1e kans, 39 geslaagd totaal