The EAG Project

The EAG project at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands is a framework for research in specification languages and compiler construction for nondeterministic languages. Extended Affix Grammars (EAG) are an attempt to implement a very general form of Affix Grammars, with very few restrictions. EAG can be used as a specification formalism, specifying in general relations rather than functions, or as a relational programming language similar in many respects to PROLOG.

A simple introduction to EAG can be found in: C.H.A. Koster (1991), Affix Grammars for Programming Languages. In: H. Alblas and B. Melichar (Eds.), Attribute Grammars, Applications and Systems. Proceedings WAGA '91. SLNCS 545, Springer Verlag 1991, pp 358-373. gzipped postscript

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The current version of the EAG system has been developed by Mark van de Brand and Marc Seutter at the University of Nijmegen. It is freely available for non-commercial use, on an as-is basis. Commercial users can request a license to use EAG from

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