The Elan Programming Environment

The Elan Programming Environment is a portable environment supporting the interactive development of Elan programs. It provides a uniform interface to the user, with the following features:

The Elan Programming Environment is not a computer game. It should not be used without first reading at least chapter 1 of the manual.

On any machine, it will behave as described there, apart from some frills and idiosyncrasies typical for the machine used (such as self-explanatory pull-down menus, etc.). Therefore it allows a high degree of machine independence in producing courseware.

The simplest industry standard PC, with at least one floppy drive and 256 K of memory, is sufficient for its use. For people having even smaller computers (like Apple II, Commodore 64 and Philips P2000), implementations of the smaller Elan-0 Programming Environment are available from

Any problems or requests about the Elan Programming Environment can be sent to the above address. Note however, that the University of Nijmegen gives no warranty, and does not promise to correct errors reported in this version.