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JASON - Javacard As Secure Objects Network


JASON is the Javacard As Secure Objects Network platform. In this platform, smart cards are viewed as secure containers for objects, whose methods can be called straightforwardly and securely using Secure Method Invocation (SMI). Using an extension of Java interfaces, programmers can specify access conditions and invocation protection requirements for methods implemented by smart card objects. The SMI tools generate the necessary stubs and skeletons, and the JASON middleware layer ensures the security requirements will be met.

The current implementation provides a proof-of-concept of our idieas, and should be considered beta. In the future, a more general and robust implementation will be developed, and other middleware service like brokering will be added.


The source code is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


First public beta release, implementing JASON SMI over and alongside JavaCard RMI. Functionality is limited, and a more general RMI base should be used in the future. This implementation was written by Richard Brinkman as part of his MSc graduation assignment during 2002.

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