Carst Tankink


Visiting address:

Huygensgebouw room HG 02.528
Heyendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen

E-Mail and phone

E-Mail: carst 'at' cs 'dot' ru 'dot' nl
Phone: (+31 or 0) 24 36 52631

Traditional (Snail) mail

Carst Tankink
Institute for Computing and Information Sciences
Intelligent Systems
Mailbox number 47
Faculty of Science
Postbus 9010
6500 GL Nijmegen

As a PhD student, I both give and receive education.


Current semester (autumn/winter 2011)


Education followed

Current semester (spring/summer 2010)


Prior to coming to Nijmegen, I took the Kerckhoff's master in Computer Security, augmented with courses in formal verification and correctness from Eindhoven University of Technology. My Master's thesis is titled Classifying Attacks on Security Protocols, and is a formal investigation in attacks on (Dolev-Yao style) protocols. I was supervised by Francien Dechesne and Suzana Andova.
I obtained my Master's degree cum laude.
Because I obtained my Master's degree from a (Dutch) technical university, I am allowed to put the title ir. (ingenieur = engineer) in front of my name (but I rarely do).

My Bachelor's degree, in "Technische Informatica", was also obtained from Eindhoven University of Technology.