VAMP 2007
1st International Workshop on Verification and Analysis of Multi-threaded Java-like Programs

Lisbon, Portugal, Septemper 3, 2007

A Satellite Workshop of CONCUR 2007.

The VAMP workshop provides a forum for researchers interested in verification and analysis of multi-threaded Java-like programs. It aims to bring together practically minded tool builders and theoretically minded concurrency researchers who are interested in verification and analysis techniques for Java-like languages. Topics of interest include but are not limited to (where MJLL stands for multi-threaded Java-like languages):

  • program logics for MJLL
  • automatic verification and static analysis techniques for MJLL
  • type-based verification for MJLL
  • software model checking for MJLL
  • specification techniques for MJLL
  • formal semantics for MJLL
  • formalizations of the Java memory model
  • race condition detection, deadlock detection, etc.
  • static analysis for bug discovery

Important Dates:
Paper submission: Friday, 1 June
Notification date: Friday, 6 July
Submission of version for the preliminary proceedings: Monday, 23 July