David N. Jansen

I am an assistant professor in the group Model based system development, which is part of the Computer Science Department of the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Before my current position, I did my Ph.D. thesis at the Information Systems Group at the University of Twente and held postdoc positions at the Programming Logics Group of MPI Saarbrücken (together with Dependable Systems), the Formal Methods and Tools Group in Twente and the Software Modelling and Verification Chair of RWTH Aachen.

Office address: building Mercator, room 01.10
Toernooiveld 212
6525 EC  Nijmegen
Postal address: afdeling Informatica, postvak 47
Postbus 9010
6500 GL  Nijmegen
Telephone: +31 24 36 52645
E-mail: dn(my last name)@science.ru.nl

Research interests

Finding the limits of probabilistic and other quantitative model checking methods.



Summer 2016: Model Checking.

Winter 2015/16: Operating systems; Processoren. Officially, I am also involved in Architectuur in de digitale wereld; however, in practice, the whole course is implemented by Bas van Gils.

Personal opinions