Hardware Security, Spring 2018

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This course is taught by Lejla Batina and Erik Poll, with Niels Samwel organising the JavaCard smart group project, and Kostas Papagiannopoulos organising the side-channel lab sessions. The course is part of the TRU/e Master.

Hardware plays a role in securing some computer systems. Currently, this is most obviously the case for smartcards and RFID cards, for which there is a long history of attacks and countermeasures.

The focus of this course is on smartcards as prime example of secure hardware, incl. a project to develop a working smartcard application, and lab sessions to experiment with side-channel attacks.



Grades are computed as 60% Project + 40% Labs, where Project is the grade for the JavaCard project, and Labs the grade of the side-channel lab sessions. The 3 side-channel lab assignments count as 10%, 10% and 20%, resp.