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websec demos

Demo webpages for Web Security

This directory contains some examples that illustrate some features of the web (or more in particular, of HTTP and HTML). They are all bare-bones examples, with just a few lines of HTML and without using any fancy JavaScript frameworks to make for nice-looking interactive web pages, that are kept as simple as possible to make the fundamental concepts clear.

The web page you are currently seeing is simply a directory listing that is exposed to the internet by a web server. It is the default behaviour of our web server to display the content of any README.html file present in a directory, so the bottom part of this webpage is simply the content of the file at>.

At some places we will refer to the official HTML spec so that you get a taste of what that spec looks like. These pointers are not part of the exam material: the spec is constantly updated and the PDF version of the HTML spec is over a thousand pages long. The spec is available as one page of HTML but the multipage version may make for more pleasant browsing.

Demos for lecture 1:

Demos for lecture 2:

Demos for lecture 4:

Demos for lecture 5:

Demos for lecture 7:

About the webpage you are seeing now: if you access the URL the web server will show the directory listing of ~erikpoll/webdocs/demo, which you see at the top of the page, and the content of file README.html in that directory. This README.html file displayed automatically by the webserver is you ask for a directory listing, and your browser renders it as HTML. The directory ~erikpoll/webdocs/demo is simply a directory on the local file system of our Linux server that has been set to be world-readable.