Coupling Simulink and UML Models

Jozef Hooman, Nataliya Mulyar, and Ladislau Posta

Appeared in: Proceedings of Symposium FORMS/FORMATS 2004, Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems, B. Schnieder and G. Tarnai (eds.), pp. 304 - 311, 2004.


The general aim of this work is to support the multi-disciplinary development of real-time embedded systems by combining tools of different disciplines. As a concrete example, we have coupled a UML-based CASE tool (Rose RealTime) and Simulink to allow simultaneous simulation. Main conceptual problem is to establish a common notion of time. We have implemented a first prototype in which this has been solved by using the simulation time of Matlab/Simulink also for Rose RealTime and by extending the UML model with assumptions about execution times