Verification and Improvement of the Sliding Window Protocol

Dmitri Chkliaev, Jozef Hooman and Erik de Vink

Appeared in: Proc. 9th Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS'03) , LNCS 2619, Springer-Verlag, pages 113-127, 2003.


The well-known Sliding Window protocol caters for the reliable and efficient transmission of data over unreliable channels that can lose, reorder and duplicate messages. Despite the practical importance of the protocol and its high potential for errors, it has never been formally verified for the general setting. We try to fill this gap by giving a fully formal specification and verification of an improved version of the protocol. The protocol is specified by a timed state machine in the language of the verification system PVS. This allows a mechanical check of the proof by the interactive proof checker of PVS. Our modelling is very general and includes such important features of the protocol as sending and receiving windows of arbitrary size, bounded sequence numbers and channels that may lose, reorder and duplicate messages.

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An earlier version appeared in the Proc. of the 3d PROGRESS Workshop on Embedded Systems, Technology Foundation STW, pages 18-27, 2002. pdf