UML-based Development of Embedded Systems by Formal Techniques

Jozef Hooman, Hillel Kugler, Iulian Ober, Anjelika Votintseva, and Yuri Yushtein

Software and Systems Modeling, Volume 7, Number 2, pages 131-155, 2008.


We describe an approach to support UML-based development of embedded systems by formal techniques. A subset of UML is extended with timing annotations and given a formal semantics. UML models are translated, via XMI, to the input format of formal tools, to allow timed and non-timed model checking and interactive theorem proving. Moreover, the Play-Engine tool is used to execute and analyze requirements by means of live sequence charts. We apply the approach to a part of an industrial case study, the MARS system, and report about the experiences, results and conclusions.