Mode of operation


Within the part from Formal Reasoning the normal pattern is that each block of two hours starts with one hour of exercise class, followed by one hour of plenary lecture. An exception is the first lecture, which has no exercise hour, but only a plenary lecture in the second hour. Within the part from Combinatorics there will be a regular two hour plenary lecture on Monday morning and a two hour exercise class on Thursday afternoon. During the first hour of the exercise class we will discuss some problems on the blackboard. During the second hour students are typically working individually on the assignments.


Both parts will be ended with a one (academic) hour intermediate test. These tests are not obligatory, but they can provide a bonus for your final grade.

Check the calendar for the exact date and time of these tests. Each test takes 45 minutes and is of the 'closed book' type.

Maple assignment

After we have discussed the theory, students have to do a Maple assignment to show that they can handle more difficult problems where the calculations are too difficult to do them on paper. This assignment will not influence the value of your final grade, but in order to get a final grade you will have to pass this assignment.


Everybody has to do the final exam. This will give you a mark called EX. The intermediate tests provide marks TE1 and TE2. The final grade is computed using this formula: MAX(EX, (2*EX+TE1+TE2)/4).


Blackboard will be used for communication, so make sure that you are registered properly for the course.