~ Jasper's virtuele thuis Okay, so this is my homepage.
As you can see, there's not much to see here.
I think it will stay that way.
But one can never know.

All right then. Let's first put some basic info here.

Jasper Stein
room HG02.534
Vakgroep Grondslagen
Subfaculteit Informatica
Toernooiveld 1
(((+31)(0)24)-36)52492 (afternoons only)

Oh yes, a picture is compulsory (group policy and such... you know how it is). Fortunately I had a funny picture of myself lying about

Ah, and I'm supposed to tell any interested surfers what I'm doing for my job.

Okay, so I'm a Ph.D. student (so yes, that should be drs. or M.Sc. Jasper Stein, and you should use the proper honorifics when addressing me. Yeah. 'S true. Hm-hm.) I am supervised by prof. dr. Henk Barendregt Currently (that is, october 2001) my work consists of making a formalisation of linear algebra using the proof assistant COQ. This is, of course, you guessed correctly, all going on in the Foundations group (the Vakgroep Grondslagen bit in my address).

A snapshot of the files I made so far is available via the directory WWW. Going to the directory itself will present an overview of the files and subdirectories where my stuff is stored. (e.g. it would be http://www.cs.kun.nl/~jasper/WWW/LIAL/subspaces.v) Moreover I wrote a small documentation manuscript, 12 pages in DVI format, available from WWW/documentation.dvi. So. Have fun. Ah yes, and uh, in the WWW/ directory, ondersteuning means support. And voorbeelden are examples. In case you wondered.

Well, that was, mainly, it. Now be off ;-)

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