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Web services security




Robert-Jan Boezeman  Dr. J.-H. Hoepman


Using SOAP to develop web services should make it easier to interconnect initially unrelated web services at a later date. Unfortunately, the initial specifications for SOAP left any security considerations aside. This makes bare-bones SOAP unusable in the design of a large class of web services where security is a critical factor. Therefore, several security extensions to SOAP have been proposed, e.g. SOAP-DSIG and using the XML Encryption standard.


The goal of this project is twofold.


Robert-Jan Boezeman: "Web Services Security", Master Thesis, June 2003. PDF document



Supervisory committee

Oxford University Computing Laboratories  Oct 2002 - April 2003 
  • Dr. J.-H. Hoepman
  • Dr. Andrew Martin (Oxford University)

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