PhD students at RU Nijmegen:

  1. Anna Krasnova, September 2012-
  2. Louiza Papachristodoulou, September 2013-
  3. Kostas Papagiannopoulos, November 2013-
  4. Pedro Maat Massolino, January 2015-
  5. Joost Renes, January 2015-
  6. Niels Samwel, September 2016-

    Past PhD students:

    1. Roel Verdult, January 2011-April 2015
    2. Stjepan Picek, September 2013-July 2015
    3. Baris Ege, March 2013-July 2016

    MSc students at RU Nijmegen:

    1. Jip Hogenboom: Principal Component Analysis and Side-Channel Attacks (Aug. 2010), now with KPMG  
    2. Martijn Sprengers: On the Security of Password Hashing Schemes regarding Advances in GPU's (March 2011), now with KPMG  
    3. Ruben Muijrers: Advances in Side-channel attacks (June 2011), now with Riscure
    4. Rafael Boix Carpi: Fault analysis (Aug. 2013), now with Riscure
    5. Alvin Cai: Comparison of Side Channel Analysis Measurement Setups (Aug. 2015).
    6. Ko Stoffelen: Intrinsic Side-Channel Analysis Resistance and Efficient Masking(Aug. 2015).
    7. Elif Ozgen: A Template Attack on Elliptic Curves using Classification methods (Oct. 2015).
    8. Kevin Valk: Comprehensive security analyses of a toys-to-life game and possible countermeasures (June 2016).
    9. Gerben Geltink: Concealing Ketje: A Lightweight PUF-based Privacy Preserving Authentication Protocol (Feb. 2016 - July 2016).
    10. Rauf Mahmudlu: The Applications of Linear Transformation Methods in the Domain of Side-Channel Analysis (Aug. 2016).


        PhD committees:

      1. Elke De Mulder, Electromagnetic techniques and probes for side-channel analysis on cryptographic devices, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 24-11-2010.
      2. Miroslav Knezevic, Efficient Hardware Implementations of Cryptographic Primitives), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 18-03-2011.
      3. Dusko Karaklajic, Securing cryptographic hardware against fault attacks, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 11-12-2012.
      4. Saloomeh Shariati, Analysis and Experimental evaluation of Image-based Physical Unclonable Functions, UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 08-02-2013.
      5. Gerhard de Koning Gans, Outsmarting smartcards, RU Nijmegen, 11-04-2013.
      6. Antonio De La Piedra, Area Efficient Cryptographic Cores for Sensor Systems Based on FPGA, VU Brussels, Belgium, 26-06-2013.
      7. Erich Wenger, Secure and Efficient Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Embedded Environments, TU Graz, Austria, 29-10-2013.
      8. Josep Balasch, Privacy and security in embedded systems, RU Nijmegen and KU Leuven (joint doctorate), Nijmegen, 11-03-2014 and Leuven, 17-04-2014.