Research interests

I'm interested in far too many things for my own good, some of which have academic relevance: formal proofs, logic and proof assistants in general, rewriting, cryptography, security, ...

I'm currently pursuing document-proof assistants integration as part of my employment by the Radboud University Nijmegen. In my free time, I'm pursuing some cryptography-related interests, under the auspices of the group.


In general, external services such as dblp keep better track than I do, although I have multiple aliases on them...

Also, they don't have my theses, nor my technical reports.

Theses dissertation

Technical Reports

Formally refereed

Scribblings of no importance

Meaningless statistics

As far as I know, my Erdős number is 4, as Herman Geuvers is a 3.


Lost to the mists of time and the vaguaries of archived seminar / conference programs.