Jorik Mandemaker

Faculty of Science
Heyendaalseweg 135
6525AJ Nijmegen
the Netherlands

Room HG02.066

Phone +31 24 36522263

Current research

I am working as a PhD student at the Radbout university in Nijmegen on the project
"Mathematically and computationally relevant dualities" together with my supervisor
prof.dr. Bart Jacobs as well as prof.dr. Mai Gehrke and Sam van Gool.

I'm currently looking at quantum logic and the interplay between logic and probability.


  1. The expectation Monad, presented at QPL2011. Slides
  2. Coreflections in Algebraic Quantum Logic, Bart Jacobs and Jorik Mandemaker, to appear in Foundations of Physics
  3. Various Topics in Rack and Quandle Homology, Master thesis in mathematics.