• Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Data Analysis
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models (Bayesian Networks, Conditional Random Fields)
  • Incorporation of domain knowledge in decision models (Monotonicity)
  • eHealth, mHealth, Personalised Healthcare
  • Intelligent Systems and Applications


  • Metis: Maritime Situation Awareness (funded by COMMIT, 2011—2015), poster
    Goal: Develop system-of-systems techniques to combine multiple sources of information, analyse them, provide risk factors and deliver the results to operators controlling maritime areas.
  • e-MomCare: Remote Monitoring in Pregnancy Care (funded by STITPRO, 2009—2013), video
    Goal: Develop a prototype of a smartphone-based decision-support system that can
    (i) collect and exchange information between the patient, measurement devices (e.g. blood pressure device), and the hospital information system
    (ii) predict the risk for developing a pregnancy disorder using an embedded probabilitic intelligent model.
  • B-Screen: Bayesian Decision Support in Medical Screening (funded by NWO, 2006—2009)
    Goal: Use of Bayesian networks and Bayesian classifiers to address the problem of mammographic interpretation failures by radiologists.


Invited talks & Presentations


Ad-hoc Reviewing

  • IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics-Part B / Neural Networks / Medical Imaging
  • Physics in Medicine and Biology
  • Information and Management
  • Foundations in Computing and Decision Sciences
  • Journal of Electronic Imaging
  • Conferences (AIME, UAI)
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