Active learning a model of a printer controller

Michele Volpato


As a PhD student in Computer Science at Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen, I work under the supervision of prof.dr. Frits Vaandrager and Jan Tretmans. I am part of the Model-Based System Development (MBSD) group at the institute for Computing and Information Science (iCIS).

I am involved in a STW funded project: the ITALIA project. This project consists of designing new algorithms that are able to learn (very large and) complex automata in a black-box (active) environment.


I am interested in model-based testing, automata learning, algorithm design and theory of computation. I am also experienced and interested in constraint programming and temporal reasoning.

The automata learning wiki collects information about active research in the area of automata learning. It contains benchmarks used in automata learning and black-box publications.


Alnos: Active Learning of NOndeterministic Systems is a free, open source, implementation of an automata learner able to learn nondeterministic labelled transition systems. Hosted by the faculty of science at Radboud University.


Check Google Scholar for a list of my publications. It is very updated.