Olha Shkaravska

Digital Security Group
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Current Project

CHARTER (Critical and High Assurance Requirements Transformed through Engineering Rigor) - is an ARTEMIS Embedded Computing Systems Initiative project.
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Project Collaborators:
  • Marko van Eekelen, the project leader
  • Bernard van Gastel
  • Former Project Collaborator:
  • Rody Kersten

  • Former Project (Sept. 2006 - Aug. 2009)

    AHA (Amortized Heap Analysis), funded by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
    Post-Doctoral Researcher
    Project Collaborators:
  • Marko van Eekelen, the project leader
  • Alejandro Tamalet, the PhD student
  • Former Project Collaborator:
  • Ron van Kesteren, the PhD student

  • Research interests

  • Resource analysis of programs, program logics, type systems
  • Polynomial solutions of difference equations
  • Categorical models in computer science
  • Former research interests: computability and complexity, transducers over infinite representations of real numbers

  • International Workshop on Foundational and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis

    FOPARA'09, November, 3, 2009. Eindhoven. (I was a co-chair of this event.)


    The list of my publications (with some pdf-s) is available.


  • The summer semesters of 2010, 2011: exercise sessions in mathematics for the first-year informatics students (linear algebra, calculus and basic probability theory)
  • The winter semesters of 2010, 2011: "Reliability of software systems" for master students, lectures and exercise sessions, together with the resource-analysis team.
  • "Research and Development 2" Spring/Summer 2009: assisting in monitoring students projects.
  • "Computer security" Fall/Winter 2008/09: exercise sessions.
  • "Research and Development 2" Spring/Summer 2008: assisting in monitoring students projects.

  • Contact Info

    Phone (direct): +31 24 3652217
    Email: shkarav(at)cs(dot)ru(dot)nl

    Visiting address Mail
    Room HG02.071 Olha Shkaravska
    Faculty of Science Faculty of Science
    Heyendaalseweg 135 (Huygens building) University of Nijmegen
    6525AJ Nijmegen Postbus 9010
    6500 GL Nijmegen
    The Netherlands

    Former Activities

  • I was in charge of Colloquia of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences.
  • My short bio is available.

  • Personal

    Some photo work of me