Bas Spitters

Associate professor in the Logic and Semantics Group, Aarhus University.

In fall 2015 I am teaching a PhD-course on Homotopy type theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics.

Research interests





2015: Associate professor at CMU working on the MURI grant Homotopy Type Theory: Unified Foundations of Mathematics and Computation
and Aarhus in the Logic and Semantics Group.
2014: Visiting positions at LRI Paris-Sud, IHP, PPS Paris-7, Gotheburg Computing Science.
2013: Member of the Institute for Advanced Studies for the special year on univalent foundations.
2010-2013: Leading the Nijmegen contribution to the ForMath project, as well as Work Package 4: formalization of exact analysis. (The project got an "excellent" mark.)


Organization: PhDay'01, Constructive mathematics, types and exact real numbers, DIAMANT-day '05, Brouwer seminar (from 2004 to 2007), MAP07, Sheaves in Geometry and Quantum Theory, MLNL09, QPL-11, Coq-workshop 2011, MAP11, Type Theory And Formalization Of Mathematics
Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations - Mini-Symposium at DMV 2015.
CIRM workshop: Computable Analysis: Foundations, Implementation and Certification.
The constructivenews-list.
DIAMANT researcher.
Previous grants: VENI `Reasoning and Computing' of the dutch science foundation NWO.
Egbert Rijke (2012-2013).
Eelis van der Weegen (2010-2011).
Russell O'Connor Incompleteness and Completeness Formalizing Logic and Analysis in Type Theory (2005-2008).

Education Seminar on simplicial methods (2012)