Theo Schouten's Master thesis students


2006 Jeroen Broekhuizen Physics Atlantis 3D view
2004 Pim Krebbers Oce Revision Highlighting
2002 Pieter Vos Med Fac 3D semi-automatic segmentation of ultrasound breast lesions [ view]
Wijnand Smant Oce Fuzzy classification of connected components [ view]
Sander Janssen Oce Text and Photograph Classification [ view]
2000 Erik van Lith <GX> Logfile Analysis
1999 Maurice van der Pot & Nieke Roos
The Babylon Project 1999, the design and implementation of a RoboCup simulator league soccer player [ view]

Selman Karaman OCE Multiservice Networks, the Integration of Voice and Data in Oce Network

Patrick Atoon <GX> Buiding Web Applications a Retrospective Assessment
1998 Danny Nooren   Java & parallelism/real-time systems [ view]
Ron Grazier   Quality measures for the allocation of mixed pixels [ view]]
1997 Branko van Abel Classification of microcalcifications by artificial neural networks [view]
Eric Boon   The P in PREENS. A dataset parallel interface for convis and experiences with a parallel counterpropagation simulator [view]
Gerrit Duifhuis KEMA Wavelets in Image Processing
Yudong Wang   Online vs offline learning with large datasets [view]
Ibrahim Karaman OCE OCE 3165 network copier op een Banyan Vines netwerk [view]
1996 Kin Shing Choy KEMA Neuraal netwerk in het leren van het verouderingsproces van turbinematerialen
Edwin de Blouw Med. Fac Artificial neural network approach for NMR data analyses [view]
Erik Teunissen Fico Onderzoek naar vision-toepassingen voor trim & form machines
Ordwin Notten Med. Fac Neural networks as self-learning image features [view]
Hugo Knobbout KEMA Grafische user interface en simulatie software voor 3d tomografie
Jeroen Melchiors   A segmentation preprocessor. Faster image segmentation using clustering [view]
Edward Mahieu   Experiencing the message passing interface standard and parallel image processing [view]
1995 Hubert Voogd   Error measurement for segmentation techniques [view]
Paul Janssen   Parallel region growing and parallel programming environments for workstation clusters
Antoine v.d. Velden OCE TESTDICOP: test strategie voor een digitale copier
Freddy Ariës TNO A spatial query evaluator for GEO++ [view]
1994 Lydia Meesters Aveiro Surface reconstruction from 3D voxel data
Frank Pouwels   Pricipal components and neural networks
Jack Weeland Fysica Discrete simulation of "muon chamber read-out" electronics for LHC/ATLAS [view]
Patrick Reijnen Med. Fac Neural networks as self-learning image parameters [view]
1993 Benjamin de Rijke
& Joost Schillings
Med. Fac 3D_Display
Anita v. Nieuwenborg Utrecht Object contour detection in SPECT images
Ronald v. Koutrik RUU CarVield
Freddy Verstraaten  
Rene Schreurs Correctness and efficiency of the best-merge's region growing
1992 Rob Peters  
Reinoud v.d. Korst Data classification techniques, algorithmic classification methods vs neural networks
Maurice klein Gebbinck Med. Fac Ultrasonic tissue characterization using neural networks [view]
Parcival Willems   The ART neural network models enlightened: implementations on sequential and parallel computer systems
Ron Steenbergen   Parallel implementation of modular non-homogeneous neural networks with dynamic architecture
1991 Albert Russel   Simulating neural networks on a multi-transputer system
Jeroen v.d. Laak Med. Fac An analysis of digital filters for the reduction of speckle in ultrasound B-mode images
Patrick Roelofs  
Siebe Bron   The network file system, an implementation of an OS9_NFS server
1990 Ron Leenders   EENS: an execution environment for neural systems
Jeroen Bronkhorst Philips Visualisation of experimental data, a user interface investigation
Mark Jonkers   XDR, RPC and NFS based on PDOS
Paul Kniest Med. Fac Texture analysis of B-mode images with fractals
Huub Borst Pauwels  
Jerry Kempers   Further development towards a global intertask communication system
Paul v.d. Schreur Evaluation of a network simulator
Oscar ter Hofstede & Koen Stal NICI Word completion by multiple constraint solving
1989 Jan Damen   4 algorithms for contour plotting on irregulary distributed datapoints
Mona v.d. Hooft Lett. Fac Research at the possibilities of automatic recognition of (hand)printed Arabic
Gerie Alards   Two new appoaches to the inverse kinematics problem
Rob Duin   Graphical robot simulation
Friso Nijboer & Alain Derksen Med. Fac Research and development of motion artefact reduction methods in digital subtraction angiography
Marc Albers NICI Finding regularities in cursive script
Harry Duys Med. Fac The automatic selection of mask and contrast image in digital subtraction angiography image sequences
Hans Drexler NICI Identification of shapes in cursive handwriting
Maurice Schiffer   Intertask communication with the usage of global area's
Dorine Allan 
Marielle v. Dongen
Med. Fac Animatie van het kniegewricht
Frank Terburg Philips A graphical user interface editor
1988 Jan Gerritsen NICI An architecture for a cursive-script recognizing system
Wilco v. Asseldonk Philips Segmenting MR-angio images
Erik Willemsen & Richard v. Bavel CWI Design and implementation of an object oriented picture editor prototype
Charles v. Hulzen C&CZ An ethernet-driven TCP-IP communication between an OCE-6750 laser printer and a Unix Mainframe
Jan Bisseling Med. Fac Automatic CT measurement in the lumbar vertebrae
Tom Emmerij  
1987 Ron Schoenmakers Med. Fac Het automatisch verwerken van high speed filmopnames
Joost Bruls Philips Quality improvement in practice
Karel Hageman MARIN Contactloos Real-time Meetsysteem voor Positiemetingen
Seppe v.d. Wiel Communicatie tussen multiprocessoren met een VME systeembus
Andre Hendriks   Een specifikatie voor een gestructureerd robot besturingssysteem
Pim Leenders Med. Fac Een grafische uitbreiding aan een drie-dimensionaal model van een kniegewricht
Eric Tönnissen   De inverse Pespectief Transformatie
Jack v. Poll & Eric de Boer   Een FORCE multiprocessor implementatie
1986 Peter v. Langen MARIN Een voorontwerp van een contactloos real-time meetsysteem voor positie metingen
Sjef ten Den  
Pauline Houtackers & Edwin Bos Med. Fac Analyse van bewegingsgedrag van een biologisch object door real-time verwerking van beelden
Jos Jennekens & Erwin Busch Een systeem voor oriëntatie- en positiebepaling voor bewegende objecten
1985 Rene Krikhaar Philips The development of a dialogue tool system based on existing dialogue models