Quantum Processes and Computation

NWI-IMC055, Spring 2019

This page contains specific information about the Spring 2019 course and lectures (for general information, see studiegids). All relevant course information will be provided here (and not in Brightspace).

The QPC practical sheet is now online. You can download it here: QPC practical.

The QPC mid-term is now online. You can download it here: QPC mid-term.

For exercises, see the: exercise page.

Prerequisites consist of linear algebra and some basic familiarity with definition/lemma/theorem-style mathematical reasoning.

Course material consists of:

The textbook is available in the science library (but possibly only 1 copy!), and students may purchase it if they wish. The lecture notes contain the same material, and in cases where there are discrepancies (e.g. with exercise numbering), I will try to stick to the lecture note version.

Lectures will be given by Aleks Kissinger and John van de Wetering in English. All course materials will be in English.

Lectures (topics subject to change)

Grading and Administration