Research internship (NWI-IMC047, 15 EC)

In the research internship (NWI-IMC047) you carry out a research or R&D-type project in which you apply the knowledge and skills acquired in your Master.

A goal of the research internship is to gain experience in your future work field, in academia or in industry. It also gives giving you the opportunity to find out about a prospective work environment, and some experience in carrying out a larger individual project as preparation for the Master thesis.

Depending on your interests and your Master specialisation, you can choose to do the research internship internally in one of the research groups of ICIS or externally at some company or organisation in industry or the public sector. You can also do your research internship in an academic setting outside ICIS, for instance in a research group in another faculty of Radboud University, or at another university altogether. You can also do your research abroad, but be aware that requires some planning ahead.

Irrespective of the type of project, you will always need a supervisor who is an ICIS staff member (i.e. an assistant, associate, or full professor).

There is a faculty-wide administrative procedure for the internships: you have to register in Osiris when you start, and at the end you have to submit your final report, as a single PDF file, to the thesis submission website. This procedure is not only used for the research internship (NWI-IMC047) but also for the master thesis (NWI-IMC029). Confusingly, both are called `internships' in the terminology of our faculty.