Projects of Bart Jacobs

  1. CodeYard: open source for secondary school students. Start in spring 2005, initially with 2 year postdoc funding from NLnet.
  2. EuroQuiS-los project on a Eropean quality and industry standard for linux and open source software, funded by EURegio Rhein-Waal. Start in summer 2005, with 2 year half-time postdoc.
  3. Pionier research project on Program Security and Correctness, 2002-2007.
  4. European IST project VerifiCard on tool-assisted specification and verification of JavaCard programs. This project has started on january 1, 2001, and has run for 33 months, with Bart Jacobs as coordinator.
  5. An NWO project on Security Analysis for Multi-application smart cards, in collaboration with Erik de Vink from the Technical University at Eindhoven. This involves two PhD positions, one in Nijmegen (held by Martijn Warnier), and one in Eindhoven.
  6. An NWO project on Coalgebraic Modal Logic in collaboration with CWI and the University of Amsterdam. It involves a postdoc position in Nijmegen, currently held by Jesse Hughes, and a PhD position in Amsterdam.
  7. Three-year postdoc position on JavaCard Specification and Verification with JML, funded by NWO. This project has started in sept. 2001, with the appointment of Engelbert Hubbers.
  8. Two-year postdoc position on Java program verification, funded by NWO, the national science foundation in The Netherlands. This position runs from 1999-2001, and was held by Erik Poll.
  9. Three-year fellowship of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), 1997-2000. Extended with two-year prolongation of this fellowship, 2000-2002.

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