MFoCS Research Seminar Spring 2011

The official name under which you can register for the course and the exam and underw hich you can find it in is IMC028 Research Seminar.


Various, among which
Herman Geuvers: home page
Mai Gehrke: home page
James McKinna: home page
Wim Veldman
Wieb Bosma.


The Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science master track can both be followed as a master track in mathematics and computer science. We organise a 6 ec research seminar in which

The mark will be given on the basis of

Set up

There will be a 1 hour get together every Friday, 13:00--14:00, in weeks 5-9, 11-13, 16, 19-23, 25 in Rooster:

Weekly events

Relevant Announcements

herman at cs dot ru dot nl