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(Note: many of the entries below are in Dutch as they appeared in the national, Dutch, press.)

Media highlights

List of recent media appearances




See also these older news items and a list of older opinion editorials. My most recent pieces can be found on my blog, that I actively maintain.

Talks and events

Upcoming events

  • Brussels Privacy Hub Meet the Author, Brussels, 2022-05-30.
  • “Privacy Is Hard And Some Other Myths”, Privacy Event organised by DCC, Groningen, 2022-05-31.
  • “Privacy isn’t hard and I’ll show you why.” 2nd Privacy Engineer Conference, San Fransisco / online, 2022-06-08.
  • Lezing CIO Rijk Informatiebeveiliging en Privacy Teamdag, The Hague, 2022-06-15.
  • Faculteit der Letteren lunch talk, Nijmegen, 2022-06-16.
  • Keynote at the German Science Foundation Event CROSSING, 2022-06-27.
  • Keynote “Privacy Is Hard And Some Other Myths” at the “Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society” conference, Zagreb, Kroatia, 2022-06-28.

Past events


  • “Privacy Is Hard and Seven Other Myths”, OsloMET/University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, 2022-05-09.
  • “Hacking Music”, Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden, 2022-05-06.
  • “Mutual Contact Discovery”, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, 2022-05-04.
  • Panel member “Privacy enhancing technologies and medical research”, PI.lab Annual Conference, The Hague, 2022-04-21.
  • Panel member and speaker, Privacy Symposium, Venice, 2022-04-06.
  • Book presentation “Privacy Is Hard”, PI-lab (online), 2022-03-31.
  • Presentatie “Privacy Preserving Analysis. Op verantwoorde wijze combineren van verspreide onderzoeksdata”, Symposium: Commerciële apps en wearables in de gezondheidszorg en het omgaan met persoonsgegevens en privacy, waar wringt de schoen?, Groningen, 2022-03-29.
  • Talk, “Mutual Contact Discovery”, PrivaSki 2022, Correncon-en-Vercors, 2022-03-08.
  • Lezing, “Privacy is Hard And Seven Other Myths”, RDW, Groningen, 2022-03-04.
  • Webinar Digital Privacy Day, Forum för Dataskydd, Stockholm, 2022-01-28.
  • Privacy by Design: Debunking the myths, Luxembourg KnowledgeNet IAPP Chapter, 2022-01-24.
  • Wipro’s Data Privacy Webinar: A Human Approach To Data, (internal), recorded 2022-01-11.




  • 12-12-2019, Weizenbaum Fellow Talk "Privacy by Design and Trust", Berlin.
  • 2-12-2019, Lezing "Privacy by Design", Stadhuis Rotterdam.
  • 25-11-2019, Lezing "Privacyontwerpstrategieën volgens het Blauwe Boekje", PI-lab workshop Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, Den Haag.
  • 21-11-2019, Panel "Privacy by Design/Default: The Theory and How to Make it Work in Practice", IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2019, Bruxelles.
  • 10-11-2019, Lezing "1984? Op zoek naar een betere privacy metafoor.", in De Hedendaagse Dystopie (afgezegd wegens ziekte), Sounds of Music, Groningen.
  • 16-10-2019, presentation "Privacy by Design", Radboud UMC, Nijmegen.
  • 22-8-2019, presentation "Privacy by Design", Voys/Spindle, Groningen.
  • 14-5-2019, "Securing home 2.0, the digital home and the laws of nature", Privacy protection in the 21st century: New concepts, theories, and applications, VICI symposium, Tilburg.
  • 16-4-2019, TaLkS presentation "Privacy by Design: How to Bridge the Gap Between Law and IT", Groningen.
  • 12-4-2019, Cogitas Ergo Sum Book Launch and Round-table Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • 9-4-2019, Talk "Privacy by Design", Target, Groningen.
  • 4-4-2019, CPO cursus "Inleiding digital security en privacy", Nijmegen.
  • 6-3-2019, Guest lecture VUB on Privacy by Design, Brussels.
  • 20-2-2019, Lezing privacy by design, Tada & Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam.
  • 21-1-2019, Panel "Is the blockchain anything new?", Blockchain Workshop Theory & Practice, Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers (CNAM), CNRS/CERSA, Paris.

Other activities

See also these previous activities.

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