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Patterns for Privacy - P4P

The project

The World Economic Forum has recognised that the economic value of personal data is threatened by a steady decline in trust by all stakeholders, and recommends to develop principles to encourage the trusted flow of personal data. The proposal for a new European data protection regulation explicitly requires data protection by design and by default. This shows that privacy by design is becoming a significant economic and regulatory factor. It is therefore crucial to support developers in satisfying these requirements with practical tools and guidelines.

This proposal aims to achieve just that.

During our study of privacy design strategies we discovered that a comprehensive and readily applicable set of tools to support system designers to design for privacy does not exist. In particular, a systematic study of privacy design patterns is wanting. Only a small, incomplete and inconsistent patchwork of privacy design patterns exists.

To bridge this gap, the project will

TNO, our industrial project partner, is busy raising a consortium that will implement a national health data infrastructure. It will use the project results in the development of such personal health information providers.

TomTom, NS (the Dutch Railway), KPN (the main national telecom operator) and HP Netherlands serve on the advisory board of this project.

Full project description

See also the full proposal description.


This project is funded through the NWO/STW National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA II) programme.

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