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PEN-NL, the Privacy Engineering Network of the Netherlands


Ages ago we founded SAFE-NL, an informal group of people from academia and industry working in security. The group would meet several times a year to present the latest developments to each other, and also just to network. This worked very well, in a time when security was a nascent field in the Netherlands.

We are therefore extremely happy to announce PEN-NL, the Privacy Engineering Network of the Netherlands, to do the same thing again, but now for privacy engineering.

We founded this network to allow privacy engineers from academia and industry to meet in an informal setting, and to exchange ideas. The focus of this network will (perhaps for the time being) on the technical perspective, but we do encourage non-technical people working in the field to join.

The plan is to organise several workshops each year. Workshops typically consist of several brief and not necessarily fully polished presentations, followed by drinks. Events are hosted by businesses and universities throughout the Netherlands.

PEN-NL volunteer committee members

  • Zeki Erkin (TU Delft)
  • Alex Sangers (TNO)
  • Niek Bouwman (Roseman Labs)
  • Fatih Turkmen (RuG)
  • Jaap-Henk Hoepman (RU, RuG, Karlstad)

Upcoming events


If you are interested in our activities or would like to participate, then you can subscribe to our mailinglist to receive updates and announcements of upcoming events.


PEN-NL organised the following workshops

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