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Privacy Seminar 2019

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This is the main web site for the Privacy Seminar (NWI-I00136) of the TRU/e security master.


In this seminar we will explore the state of the art in privacy enhancing technologies (PET), and discuss theories (technical, legal and societal) of privacy.


Note: Be sure you also carefully prepare your role as opponent. See the assignment in the schedule below.

The following topics have been claimed so far: (none)


The course code is NWI-I00136.

The seminar teachers are Jaap-Henk Hoepman and TBD.

You will do, in groups of two, a small research project on a particular topic, chosen from a list. The idea is to let you first investigate a particular practical case (what are the privacy issues (from a legal and societal perspective), how are they dealt with), and then let you perform some research using particular PETs to solve the problem. You present the results in class as well as writing a student paper on the same topic. Finally, you will serve as an opponent when another group presents a topic.

Presence at all lectures is mandatory! (Not present without a valid reason = fail!). Valid reasons are: illness, accident, other study obligation (like exams, study trip), important family events. Invalid reasons are: holidays, trips etc, even if booked before the course started, and many many others.

The final grade = (4 * grade for paper + 2 * grade for presentation + grade for opposition) / 7. If the grade for the paper, presentation or opposition is below 5.5, the lowest grade is the final grade!

Background documents


You should have successfully completed the Cryptography course.


The first few lectures will be spent on outlining the course and the area of privacy enhancing technologies. We also have several invited guest lectures. Slides of the lectures will become available after the lecture.


The course is supported by a wiki, to which all are invited to contribute. You can go the wiki to request an account to get edit rights.


The paper skeleton must be submitted on or before April 25. Deadline for the final paper is June 7. Both deadlines: 12 o'clock *noon*.


Schedule (spring 2019)

Lectures take place from 10:30 to 12:15 on Thursday. Slides of presentations that are available are linked from here. The links are released after the lecture.

Lecture rooms are HG00.086 (until March 14) and HG01.028 (starting April 11)

Please note that this is a seminar. Therefore the classes are not taught as a video lecture!

Date Topic Opponents Deadline
Januari 31 (no lecture)
February 7 Course overview and Privacy: an overview, by Jaap-Henk Hoepman
February 14 Basic techniques, by Jaap-Henk Hoepman.
February 21 (no lecture)
February 28 Location Privacy: Bart Gruppen, Wouter de Boer Solo Schekermans Luuk de Bruin
March 7 RFID/Internet of Things: Iwap Saputra Batan, Ruben van Baaren Aniek den Teuling, Martijn van Dijk
March 14 Electronic voting: Kathick Thambidurai, Mliad Masoodi, Vania Beatrice Liwandouw Tom Nijholt, Bart van den Boom, Marvin van Bekkum
March 21 (no lecture)
March 28 (no lecture)
April 4 (no lecture)
April 11 Privacy friendly search: Job Douma, Max Leijtens, Luuk Godtschalk Jelle Loman, Rieky Peters
April 18 (no lecture)
April 25 Privacy friendly advertising: Tom Nijholt, Bart van den Boom, Marvin van Bekkum Kathick Thambidurai, Mliad Masoodi, Vania Beatrice Liwandouw Deadline paper skeleton
May 2 (no lecture)
May 9 Anonymous messaging: Solo Schekermans Luuk de Bruin Bart Gruppen, Wouter de Boer, Job Douma
May 16 Privacy in big data: Jelle Loman, Rieky Peters Iwap Saputra Batan, Ruben van Baaren
May 23 (no lecture)
May 30 (no lecture)
June 6 Anonymous cryptocurrencies: Aniek den Teuling, Martijn van Dijk Job Douma, Max Leijtens, Luuk Godtschalk Deadline student paper

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