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The calendar of Security Privacy and Cryptography related events

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I maintain a calendar of Security, Privacy and Cryptography related events. This calendar contains most international and scientific conferences, symposia or workshops on security, privacy or cryptography. It also includes calls for contributions by journals for special issues on these topics. In fact it is a Google calendar that can be accessed directly, and it is embedded below as well. Events and their corresponding submission deadlines can be viewed separately.

The calendar

Different ways to access the calendar

The calendar actually consists of two different public calendars, one for the conference dates and one for the submission deadlines.



Submitting entries

To be included on the calendar, send your Call for Papers to me, as a (Google) calendar invitation with the following format: NoteSend a real calendar invitation (using whichever calendar program you use), and not an ordinary mail containing the above fields as plain text...


All events and deadlines are recorded in GMT. Data has been copied from the call for papers as received by me. If a call for papers does not specify an exact time in a submission deadline, 23:59 on the specified date is assumed. For exact and official deadline information please consult the conference website or contact the conference organisers. I take no responsibility for inaccuracies and subsequent late submission of papers.  

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