image005Marko van Eekelen, formally Prof.dr. M.C.J.D. van Eekelen. (Foto made by Dick van Aalst).

UD Informatica voor de Master Software Engineering aan de Open Universiteit ....Advertentie UD Informatica in mooie layout. This Open University vacancy is closed. The procedure is in progress.

NOW LOOKING FOR a Radboud University Assistant Professor: at the Radboud University we have a vacancy for a full-time assistant professor Software Engineering (tenure track, associate professorship may be considered). Application deadline May 1, 2014, for full details see

Affiliations: Professor Software Technology (40%) in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Open University (OU; my Open University testimonial short video). Universitair Hoofddocent (Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor; 60%) at the research section Digital Security of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences within the Faculty of Science of the Radboud University Nijmegen (RU).

Onderzoek/Research: At the Radboud University Nijmegen I am part of the section Digital Security of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences. I am a member of the security and program correctness research group lead by Prof. Bart Jacobs. There is a separate site of my research activities. This site includes a list of my publications with on-line copies. At the Open University I am leading the Software Technology domain.

Onderwijs/Teaching: As teacher within the Nijmegen Onderwijsinstituut voor Informatica en Informatiekunde I give courses on Software Analysis as part of the Master track Software Science. Software Engineering in the RU Bachelor curriculum and System Development and System Development Research within the Computer Science, Information Science and Artifical Intelligence Master Curricula. The latter three courses use a joint practical lab (GipHouse). I coordinate the other courses that use this joint lab: Architectural New  Challenges, Business Process Architecture in Practice and System development Management. At the Open University I am responsible for the Bachelor Graduation Assignment (Afstudeeropdracht Bachelor Informatica) and the 60 ec Master Sofware Engineering. I supervise Master Theses in Software Engineering, Computer Science and Business Process Management and Information Technology on a regular basis. There is a separate site of my teaching activities with suggestions for Master and Bachelor thesis subjects under my supervision.

Organisation: I am quite active in this field. Since June 1 2014, I am Head of the Computer Science Department at the Open University (OU) of the Netherlands. I am coordinating the RU Nijmegen Cyber Security Bachelor and I am Programme Leader of the OU Master Software Engineering. I am Scientific Director of the Nijmegen part of LaQuSo: for concrete applications of research in commercial and industrial contexts; I am Chair of the steering committee of the TFP symposia. There is a separate site of my organisational activities.

RUN: Email: marko ‘at’      Tel:: +31 24 365 3410    Fax: +31 24 365 2298

OU: Email: marko.vaneekelen ‘at’       Tel: : Secr: +31 45 576 2828; Direct: +31 45 576 2573    Fax: +31 45 576 2115


Office (on Tuesdays I am usually at the OU):

·       Radboud University Nijmegen: HG 02.074 at Heyendaalseweg 135, 6525 AJ Nijmegen in the Huygens building on the second floor in the central part, inbetween wings 5 en 7. (P11, the parking garage underneath the building is the closest place to park your car, see parking-information) (see also the general guidelines to get to the Nijmegen University Campus).

Post: Institute for Computing and Information Sciences, Mailbox 47, Faculty of Science, Postbus 9010, 6500 GL  Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

·       Open Universiteit Nederland: 3.71 Milton Keynes building, Valkenburgerweg 177, 6419 AT Heerlen.

Post: Faculteit Informatica, Postbus 2960, 6401 DL  Heerlen, The Netherlands.


Agenda: Workagenda of Marko van Eekelen

WorkedThere: Over the years, I have worked at lots of places. I tried to make a summary of the places where I worked.

Background: For more background information I refer to my Curriculum Vitae (as it was in 2009).

Personal activities: In 1980 I got acquainted with Dutch folk dancing and with the Rubik’s Cube (in 1981 I was Dutch Champion and holder of the World Speed Cube Record). Both Dutch folk dancing and the Rubik's Cube are still personal hobby’s.