DCI2: Detecting routing deadlocks

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DCI2 stands for Deadlock Checker In Designs of Communication Interconnects

Step 1: installation


Download the algorithms here.
Download the IBM CPLEX solver (see here for instructions). It is free of charge for academic purposes.
Note that some optional features also require Zchaff. If you are not using these options, it is not necessary to download it. Otherwise, please ask me for further instructions.

Unpack algorithm and install CPLEX

  • Install CPLEX according to the installation instructions.
  • Unpack the DCI2.tar.gz file in the directory where the algorithm will be installed (from now on referred to with ".").
  • Go to "." and make a sub directory called "./ilcplex".
  • Copy the ".h" files that came with CPLEX (they are located in the "icplex/include/ilcplex" sub directory of your CPLEX installation) to your new "./ilcplex" sub directory.
  • Make a subdirectory -- either "./ilcplex/mac" or "./ilcplex/x86_64" -- depending on your OS.
  • Copy the files "libcplex.a" and "libilocplex.a" located in your CPLEX installation (they are located in a directory similar to "cplex/lib/x86-64_darwin9_gcc4.0/static_pic") to this location.

Quick Installation

Type 'make clean local' from the main directory. If you run:
it will run the algorithm on a 25x25 2D mesh with XY routing and Wormhole Switching.
You can run:
./local ?
for information on command line options.

Full installation

Proceed with Step 2.

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