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Research Statement

1. systems biology of the malaria parasite. I investigate the interaction of the parasite with the host immune system. This work is in collaboration with Clemens Kocken, Annemarie Zeeman and Erica Pasini of the BPRC and Tom, Juan and Adriana of our group. A movie of the parasite is here:

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Another collaboration is with Niels Cornelisse of the CNCR in Amsterdam on systems biology of presynaptic genes in mammalian neurons. Tom and Evgeni of our group also work on this project.

2. human motor control. I study rhythmic movement from a dynamical systems perspective, in collaboration with Dagmar Sternad and Se-Wong Park from Northeastern University. A video of the set-up is here:

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3. visual psychophysics. I investigate visual perception of orientation and shape, in collaboration with Tom and Saiden, both from our group.

4. audiology. I study ways of improving the satisfaction of hearing aid users by individualzing the settings of a hearing aid. This work is in collaboration with Rolph Houben (AMC Amsterdam) and Bert de Vries (TU/e Eindhoven). Tom, Perry and Adriana (RUN), Iman Mossavat (TU/e), Wouter Drechsler (AMC) and Svante Stadler (KTH Stockholm) also work on this project.

News and Recent Publications