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Associate professor in the
  Digital Security (DiS) group
  Institute for Computing and Information Sciences
  Radboud University Nijmegen

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(photo by
Sjoerd van der Hucht)


PhD vacancies If you're interested doing a PhD thesis in the area of software security, LangSec, and the formal specification of protocols and interfaces as basis of code generation and security testing, contact me.

My research interests are formal methods and security, and ideally combining the two, though much of my security research is more applied. In more detail, I'm interested in

PhD students I currently supervise are Seyed Benham Andarzian, Cristian Daniele, Tommy Koens Alex Serban, and Pol Van Aubel.

Research on Java Card in our group resulted in some smartcard software.


Bachelor courses I teach are part of the Cyber Security track in our Computing Science Bachelor.
Master courses I teach are part of our Master's specialisation in Cyber Security in our our Computing Science Master, and used to be part of our joint TRU/e master in Cyber Security

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