Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs (FTfJP)

Information about the FTfJP workshops since 2016 is maintained at the new FTfJP website. This webpage provides the proceedings of the first 16 editions of the FTfJP.


The Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs (FTfJP) workshop aims to bring together people working on formal techniques and tool support for Java, or closely related languages such as C# or Scala, either with the aim to describe, analyse, and verify aspects and properties of these programming languages themselves `(type systems, semantics, bytecode verification, etc.), or of programs written in these languages.
Java-like languages provides a good platform to bridge the gap between formal techniques and practical program development, because of the reasonably clear semantics and standardised libraries.

In 2002 the name of the workshop was changed slightly - from "Formal Techniques for Java Programs" to "Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs" - to include not just research on Java, but also research on related languages such as C# or Scala.

Below a list of older FTfJP proceedings, as well as links to special journal issues with expanded and revised versions of the best workshop papers.