Wordlist and Spell checking for Amharic and Tigrigna

Biniam Gebremichael

  • Spell checking

  • Corpus building
  • Spell check installation guide


    1. Open office
    2. Amharic and or Tigrigna Dictionary
    3. Geez Writer (to write geez documents)

    Installation Guide

    1. Install Open office. Open office is more or less the same as Microsoft Office, except that it supports more languages that MS office does. Open office can open Microsoft documents without any problem, and you can save your files as Microsoft documents incase you want to open it later with Microsoft office.

      For example, get open office 2.0 from here.

    2. If you don't have geez fonts already, get one or two from Geez writer.
    3. The next step is to download and install Amharic and/or Tigrigna dictionaries into your open office installation. You need to unzip them first and copy ti_ER.dic, ti_ER.aff, am_ET.dic and am_ET.aff files to the dictionary directory of Open office. Usually this directory is located in "C:\program files\openoffice.org 2.0\share\dict\ooo\".
    4. Tell Open office that you have installed the dictionary. Add the following two lines at the end of dictionary.lst (located in the same directory as above)
        		  DICT am ET am_ET
        		  DICT ti ER ti_ER
    5. You need to restart your PC at this stage. Or stop soffice program from task manager.
    6. Start open office writer and open your Amharic or Tigrigna document (or you can start typing a document if you have geez writer)
    7. The default language setting in open office is english. you need to change that. Go to tools -> option -> Languages and change the default language for documents to Amharic or Tigrigna. For open office 2.0 this is available under the Western row.