The Little Man Computer - Information Display


After Pressing the play button on the start screen there will be a brief pause and then you will be presented with a screen similar to the one adjacent.

The white ovals and connected text are only there to highlight the main points of interest, and don't appear on the actual screen.

Each of these are discussed in turn below.

Escape Button

As its name suggests this button will take you out of this section of the application. It returns you to the start screen. To close the entire application, just close the window.

Depending on where about in the program you are it can take a few seconds to kick into effect.


Phase Display

This displays which phase of the fetch/execute cycle we are currently in.

Program Display

The program that is currently being carried out. The current instruction is the one in line with the phase display. Unlike during the start screen, the program cannot be edited at this point.

Instruction Details Display

Provides the name of the current instruction, along with it's op code and operand. A breakdown of the tasks the little man performs is created as they are carried out.



The Input Dialog

The little man will go about his business, providing information, and asking for directions (depending on the dialog options you've set) quite happily in general, however when he encounters an input instruction there needs to be a value in the input tray for him to receive.

To get a value into the input tray, enter a value in the grey portion of the box (ringed with a white circle in the picture) when the little man asks.


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