Welcome to my webpage

I am a Professor in the Digital Security (DiS) group. I joined the institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) at the Radboud University in August 2009. Before that I was PostDoc at KU Leuven Belgium where I also got my PhD in 2005. Before that I worked as a cryptographer for Pijnenburg Securealink (later SafeNet B.V.) in The Netherlands. I got my Professional Doctorate in Engineering from TU Eindhoven in 2001.

I have received a VIDI grant from the Dutch government in 2014 to work on new side-channel analysis methods and countermeasures for secure embedded devices.

Since 2018, I am a senior member of IEEE and an Editorial board member of IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. I am also an AE for ACM TECS.

I am general co-chair or Real World Crypto Symposium for 2021 (virtual) and 2022 (hopefully physical in Amsterdam) with Joan Daemen and Peter Schwabe.

With Stjepan Picek I am hoping (for the 2nd time) to have EUROCRYPT 2021 in Zagreb as a physical event.

My research

My research interests are in applied cryptography and embedded systems security. I am looking into security and privacy of embedded (crypto) devices such as smartcards, mobile phones and IoT devices. Some of the topics I work on include implementations of cryptography, both high performance and low-cost i.e. in constrained environments. I work on implementation attacks i.e. side-channel and faults and I have a preference for curve-based cryptography (both classical and post-quantum i.e. ECC and isogeny-based).

Recently, I've been looking into machine/deep learning for security and privacy and how we can use it for side-channel analysis. Another direction we consider is to perform side-channel analysis on neural nets implementations. I'm also interested in low-cost countermeasures against all kinds of physical attacks, faults and side-channel.

Recent publications

For a complete list of my publications check my DBLP and Google Scholar pages.

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