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1 December, 2001

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This is the already the seventh IDAMAP workshop. You can check where were the previous workshops and download papers that were presented.

IDAMAP 2002: Topics

In the workshop, attention will be given to systems that aim at exploiting machine-learning tools, such as decision trees, Bayesian structure and parameter learning, clustering and instance-based learning methods to promote the construction of effective decision models to support medical decision making, the discovery of meaningful (e.g. temporal and spatial) patterns and structures in biomedical data, biomolecules and bioassays, the design of new drug compounds, etc. In addition, issues related to automated data collection and data visualisation in modern hospitals, such as analysis of computer-based patient records (CPR), outcomes analysis, intelligent alarming, effective and efficient monitoring, and so on are covered in the workshop.

Papers should explicitly address the topics of the workshop, explaining:

  • what kind of knowledge has been used or extracted;
  • why it was necessary to exploit the available knowledge;
  • how the available knowledge is represented;
  • how the derived knowledge is used.

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